Will Ceramic coating help with the harsh winter weather?

Compared to a ceramic coating, wax is soft and vulnerable to chemical and UV damage. Ceramic coatings are the only protective layer that will effectively shield your car from solar fading and damage.

Ceramic coatings also have unprecedented hydrophobic properties, thereby repelling water and dirt far better than any alternative. The ability to repel water also shields your paint from chemical damage caused by acid rain, acidic bird droppings, and industrial fallout.

The hardness of ceramic coatings will protect your car from minor scuffs and scratches that would otherwise penetrate the soft layer of wax. With a ceramic coating, your paint job will last longer and be easier to maintain.

It makes for Easy Cleaning

Some people think that a ceramic coating will let them off the hook for washing their vehicle. This is untrue – to get the best finish and properly maintain your coating, you still need to wash your vehicle. The difference is that washing will be easier than ever.

Due to the fact that water and other substances will be unable to form a bond with your vehicle’s surface, you won’t need any scrubbing to get your car perfectly clean. Your vehicle will look good as new in a fraction of the time.

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