Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is PDR?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is a method of removing minor dents and dings without harming the factory finish from the vehicle. Also called PDR This is done by a highly trained technician by very patiently massaging the dent out from the back of the panel using specialized tools.

Q:What are the benefits of PDR?

The most important benefit is quality.No grinding, body filler , are needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed. There are no problems with filler or paint shrinkage months after the repair as is typical with most body shop repairs.also the car fax report is not recorded so you will keep a clean carfax and will help with resale value Cost is also a major benefit of PDR. Repairs are typically between one-quarter to one-third the cost of a conventional body shop.

Q: Are holes drilled to access dents?

At RPS we take a great deal of pride in our ability to reach most dents without drilling or “Manufacturing Access”. If such a procedure is required – rest assured that it will be handled professional sealed and plugged.

Q: Can a vehicle be repaired more than once using PDR?

YES. RPS has repaired numerous vehicles more than once with no problems.The return customer is always welcome.

Q: What size dent can be removed with the paintless dent repair process.

The most important size and location to consider when using Paintless Dent Repair is not the diameter of the dent, but the depth. And location Often very large, shallow dents can be removed or, at least, improved.

Q: How long do the repairs take?

In most instances the repairs can be fixed in hours and you can have your vehicle back the same day.