Myth #1: Is Vinyl the same as Xpel Paint Protection Film?

‍There seems to be a lot of confusion between Xpel Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wrap (color changing wraps, wrap). Vinyl Wraps are used to change the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle. In most cases, Vinyl Wrap is used to change the color of the car or adding additional graphics, without the need of repainting the entire car. Vinyl Wraps offer a lot of customization, but is much thinner than clear bra.

PPF is a much thicker, and heavier version of Vinyl Wrap. Vinyl Wrap is a lighter substance and that is much more forgiving to install. PPF, on the other hand, is typically crystal clear, is much thicker, and self-heals when scratches occur. Paint Protection Film was designed to protect the original paint. Think of a large screen protector for your car. It does not enhance the aesthetic of your car. However, in recent years, PPF companies have started to develop “fashion PPF” which will turn the color of your into a matte or satin finish, carbon fiber finishes and colored finishes.

PPF is around 8-12 mils thick where as Vinyl Wraps are somewhere around 4-mils, providing the car with little to no protection.

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