RPS Dent Specialists is now offering PPF Paint Protection Film Services (Clear Bra)

RPS has teamed up with Premium Shield a Paint Protective Film company with products made here in the United States. Paint Protective Film also known as “PPF” or “clear bra” is a thermoplastic urethane that is self-healing. It is applied to paint surfaces on new and used cars in order to protect the paint from [...]

Fixing Dents & Door Dings in Electric Vechiles & Hybrids in Baltimore

A door ding or dent on an electric vehicle is something that RPS is confident repairing. We see many more electric cars or hybrid cars all over our roads, and RPS has to be constantly learning to fix these vehicles correctly and safely. We prioritize learning, not taking shortcuts, and ensuring that we use the [...]

Repairing Aluminum Ford Hail Damage in Glen Burnie

There have been rumors for years that aluminum is resistant to hail damage. Unfortunately, this is not true. According to Ford's top engineers, many articles on the internet state that  “Aluminum Ford F-150 not at risk from hail damage.” This is, unfortunately, a total farce. We have never seen a “hail-proof” vehicle.  Ford Trucks, as [...]

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Common Questions About Hail Damage in Baltimore.

Hail Damage Happens, and here are some common questions that most people have about the process.  How do I start the process? Call your insurance and let them know you have hail damage. They will want to know the storm’s date and will walk you through their start of the process. They may want you [...]

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Fixing a door ding at home! (DIY in Baltimore.)

So many people believe that they can fix a door ding at home, and while we all love a good do it yourself, it’s not always the best idea. Sometimes someone is left swearing in the garage after it goes all wrong, and 99.9% of the time, this is what happens with trying to reshape [...]

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Aluminum Dent Removal in Glen Burnie

Aluminum is the metal of the future in the automotive industry and car production. Aluminum can increase the size and energy absorption capacity of the front and back of a car crumple zones. This enhances safety without increasing weight, and that saves gas consumption. It's a brilliant metal to use for safety and economy, but it [...]

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Having the Proper Insurance Coverage for Hail in Baltimore

Hail Damage is usually covered by insurance. It’s essential to know your policy and know if it is covered. Here are some explanations of your insurance policy and what you need to have to get your hail damaged repaired by the insurance company and the shop of your cho8ice.  Most of us are familiar with [...]

How to fix a Dent by myself in Glen Burnie?

How do I repair a dent on my vehicle by myself? Over the years, we have seen many methods to repair door dings, bumpers, and dents all over your car by yourself. There are small tool sets sold on Amazon and at Harbor Freight, but ask any good tech, and they will let you know [...]

Repairing Motorcycle Dents in Glen Burnie

We love our bikes here in Glen BurnieRiding a motorcycle is a real sense of freedom, and once you start riding a bike, you never stop. It’s a lifestyle and healthy addiction. When we get a dent on our bikes, we are bummed. We spend a lot of money on custom bikes, custom paint jobs, [...]

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Will Paintless Dent Removal Show up on my Carfax in Bel Air

Will PDR show up on my Carfax report in Bel Air?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and in short, the answer is No. We are not reporters, and we do not have to contact and inform Carfax about your vehicle’s damage. We have seen Paintless Dent Removal on a carfax report [...]

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