Will ceramic coating help in the winter?

Will Ceramic coating help with the harsh winter weather? Compared to a ceramic coating, wax is soft and vulnerable to chemical and UV damage. Ceramic coatings are the only protective layer that will effectively shield your car from solar fading and damage. Ceramic coatings also have unprecedented hydrophobic properties, thereby repelling water and dirt far [...]

Misconceptions about Hail Damage in Glen Burnie

Misconceptions about Hail Damage in Glen Burnie Why is it essential to fix the hail damage on my vehicle?  What are the common misbeliefs about the hail repair process… Here are everyday things to know and some things you may believe that are WRONG! Let’s play TRUTH or a LIE!   Your insurance covers it. [...]

Ceramic coating or Paint protection film what’s the difference?

Whats the difference between Ceramic coatings and ppf/Paint Protection film. Ceramic coating is a product that is like a permanent wax .It will coat the vehicle on the trim lights glass and paint and it will prevent minor Swirles and scratches. The benefits of Ceramic coating is the cleaning process. It will definitely make your [...]

We care About Your investment

We Care   At RPS Dent Specialists we care about your investment. We have added multiple services to be able to serve you to the fullest. Our well known Paintless dent repair ,dent repair, hail damage repair has made us realize that there was more services that were needed by our customers as in ppf/paint protection [...]

Has Black Friday shopping got you down!

Has Black. Friday shopping got you down. When shopping for your deals did you happen come out to a dented car ? Rps Dent Specialists can help with a fast free estimate by text or in person at out specialized Dent repair locations. We are a fraction of the price as a body shop and [...]

Paintless Dent Repair is a time and money saver

Glen Burnie dent repair company is RPS Dent Specialists we specialize in high quality Paintless dent repair/PDR Paintless dent repair îs a time and money savor . Most repairs can be done in one day and even in  hours  instead  of your vehicle being days if not weeks at the body shop. We do not [...]

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Glen Burnie dent Repair RPS Dent Specialists

Crease removal shouldn’t be done by lay people as they do not have the skills nor the right kind of equipment to properly repair them. Repair Process On a car, dents or creases can appear in the following areas: · The roof · Car doors · Both on the trunk and the hood · Side [...]

Glen Burnie Paint Protection Film certified Installer

We Truly care about your investment RPS Paint Protection is your Glen Burnie Certified Installers PremiumShield Elite SH provides the highest quality protection alongside industry leading clarity and durability. Our ‘natural’ self-healing technology allows the film to maintain its already hydrophobic surface from light scratching without the need for additional heat and with PremiumShield Elite [...]

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What We Recommend in repairing your dents

Our highly trained experts have trained literally for years to get to the point where they can confidently fix a dent? And I’m sure you want to know precisely how they do it! Let us walk through the repair process.   They look at your dent on your car and assess all the factors. Where [...]

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