We love our bikes here in Glen BurnieRiding a motorcycle is a real sense of freedom, and once you start riding a bike, you never stop. It’s a lifestyle and healthy addiction. When we get a dent on our bikes, we are bummed. We spend a lot of money on custom bikes, custom paint jobs, and when there is damage, it is depressing. 

When we work on a dent with paintless dent removal, we work the dent for the backside; this makes repairing a motorcycle tank difficult because usually, the tank has gas in it. 

Fenders and other parts of the bike are usually easier. We can work the fender, generally on the bike, and leave the bike together. If you dent your tank, there are a few more steps. 

If you lay down your bike or open a door into the tank and need a dent repaired, here are the steps to get the tank repaired. 

  1. Your gas tank has to be emptied and removed from the motorcycle or bike. We have to have access to the entire tank. (If you have a hard time doing this, youtube or your local mechanic can take this off relatively quickly.)
  2. You bring the tank in so we can take a look and see if the metal/.tank is repairable. Some areas of the tank have no access and are double paneled, so it’s not a guarantee that it is fixable. 
  3. We can agree on a price. We will walk you through all the factors and make things fair in our industry. We use estimating software that helps us understand our investment in the repair and the cost. 
  4. For us to repair it, your tank has to be installed on a unique vise stand, and we use specialized tools custom-designed stainless steel rods made to fix this type of metal. The vice keeps your tank secure while pressing and massaging the metal back to its original shape. Tanks take a lot of force and gentleness to rebuild because of the strength of the metal. (Yes, the two go together.) This is a very delicate process that requires years of experience to master repairing.
  5. A dent can take a few hours to fix or a few days, depending on the metal’s strength. Sometimes we can only work on it in short bursts because the metal is so hard to move.
  6. After we fix the tank, you will never know the dent was there; you can reattach it to your bike and get back on the road with the wind in your hair. (If you have hair.)

We want to make the repair process easy. We love motorcycles and understand how a blemish on our bikes can be disheartening.  Please let us know if you have any questions about hail repair in Glen Burnie. We haven’t answered here. We are here to help. Our goal is to explain the process to you to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road and cruising.