Why is it essential to fix the hail damage on my vehicle?  What are the common misbeliefs about the hail repair process… 

Here are everyday things to know and some things you may believe that are WRONG! 

Let’s play TRUTH or a LIE! 


    1. Your insurance covers it. (TRUTH) If you have the proper coverage. The coverage you need to have is called comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage that ensures that your car is covered for any act of God. 
    2. If I claim it on my insurance, my rates will go up. (LIE!) Your rates collectively as an area will increase if you use your insurance or not, but your insurance cannot go up because of an act of God. Hail damage is an act of God, an instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation. You have no control. 
    3. It devalues the car if I don’t get it fixed. (TRUTH!) If you don’t get your hail damaged fixed, it is money lost. When you go to sell the car, you will have to give your dealership or the private party that you sell the vehicle to a deep discount, and you were owed that money by your insurance company for the repairs. 
    4. The insurance typically underpays you on the first estimate. (TRUTH!) Your first insurance estimate is quick, and they miss things. They want you to take the lower dollar and not fix your vehicle. This is a common practice for the insurance company. They are not your enemy, but you are hiring us to be your advocate for you, and remember that they are in business for their bottom line. 
    5. You think the damage is so light, and you can barely see it, so you don’t think it’s that much of a claim, and you won’t  “worry” about it. (LIE!) on the light side of a hail damaged car, we don’t see much under $1,000. 
    6. I should wait until hail season is over to get my car fixed if it gets hit by another storm. (LIE) Your insurance company could make you pay more than one deductible, and this is a quick way for your car to become a total loss. Get it fixed! 
    7. All shops are created equal, and it doesn’t matter where I get it fixed. (LIE!) We ensure that the manufacturer’s procedures are done when taking your car apart to repair, and we also make sure that our safety standards are upheld. We do things like run a diagnostic on your vehicle to make sure everything is performing before and after the repair. If you get hit in your car after an accident, we make sure your airbags will still function and that your door is put back together appropriately. 
    8. If I call my insurance, they will tell me what to do and where I should get it fixed. (LIE) You have the right to choose your shop. Pick a shop based on reviews, your gut, and rapport. We want to earn your business and consider it a privilege to repair your car. 

We want to make the hail process easy. Please let us know if you have any questions about hail repair in Glen Burnie we haven’t answered here. We are here to help. Our goal is to explain the process to you to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road.