How do I prevent hail damage to my car in Annapolis? 

The long and short of it is that you really can’t prevent hail from damaging your car unless you have a crystal ball, and if you do, call us; we have questions for you. Hail damage will strike anywhere at any time. We tend to have hail damage in Annapolis every summer. 

Things you (maybe) can do to prevent hail damage:

  1. Never ever drive your car. Leave it in the garage and walk everywhere, or get an uber. If you can, leave your vehicle protected. 
  2. Ride a bike. Bikes are excellent and provide great exercise. Be cautious if it is hail season; instead of your car is a target, you can absolutely get hurt from the hail, bruises, cuts, scrapes, concussions, or even death. If you are in a hail storm on a bike, take shelter immediately.
  3. When you go out, park in covered parking. While the other suggestions are silly, this is true. When given the option for covered parking, always take it, especially in the summer. 

Things you really should do if you have a car and live in Annapolis and the surrounding areas because we have hail:

1. Check your insurance policy. Make sure that you the correct coverage. Insurance coverage breaks down like this:

  • Comprehensive Coveragecoverage that helps pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged in an incident that’s not a collision. Examples would be your car is stolen, caught in a storm, or a hail storm; this is the coverage you need to be paid. If you have a lean or leasing on your car, your insurance company usually requires you to have this coverage on your vehicle. 
  • Collision Coverage- pays to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object, like if you RUN INTO a tree or a house. If you’re leasing or financing your car, collision coverage is required by the bank to make sure their asset is covered. 
  • Rental Coverage- This is coverage that covers your rental car if you are in any type of car accident, hail storm, storm damage, or if you get smashed by an uninsured driver. This is a great way to protect your pocketbook and still have something to drive if your car is damaged.

2. A LOW Deductible.  Remember, if it is a car accident or hail damage, you are responsible for the deductible. Pick a cost that is low, or ensure that that amount of money you have available. Call and check on your insurance policy yearly. It is excellent if you have an agent; we always recommend it so that your policy is dialed in. If you have questions about our area, they are familiar with Annapolis and the surrounding areas.

At RPS, we are here to repair hail damage, walk you through the process, and try and make the process as seamless as possible. We are here to answer your questions and have attempted to outline many common questions on our blog, so poke around. If we haven’t responded to a question that you have, please, feel free to call us.