So many people believe that they can fix a door ding at home, and while we all love a good do it yourself, it’s not always the best idea. Sometimes someone is left swearing in the garage after it goes all wrong, and 99.9% of the time, this is what happens with trying to reshape metal by yourself. We’d like to think of it as heart surgery; it’s just something you shouldn’t consider doing yourself.  

Our highly trained experts have trained literally for years to get to the point where they can confidently fix a dent? And I’m sure you want to know precisely how they do it! Let us walk through the repair process. 


  1. They look at your dent on your car and assess all the factors. Where is the dent? Is the dent blocked by bracing in a panel! 
  2. What is the panel made of? Is it aluminum, is it steel, is it high-strength steel? Every metal moves differently and takes more or less time to repair. We have to know what kind of metal the car is made of to accurately quote your dent. If you try and move your aluminum dent at home, you will struggle. Alumunium has no metal memory, so it really takes artistry to rebuild that metal. 
  3. Where does the dent fall in the panel, the edges are usually harder to repair since we work off leverage, and there is no leverage when it’s on the edge of a door, hood, or decklid. 
  4. Is there open access to the dent? What do we need to take apart? What do we need to take off the car to get to the dent?
  5. Once we know what we are dealing with, we choose our tools. Every tool has a different function, and we have thousands of different tools. The right tool will make or break a repair. 
  6. We take apart the vehicle, and prep it for repair. 
  7. We slowly rebuild the panel, tiny fine pushes from different angles, and working the dent from the outside in or the inside out depending on the type of dent. Metal moves like water, so there are highs and lows, we also hammer down the crown of the dent. 
  8. We put the vehicle back together and give it back to you! Eyesore no more. 

All of our techs at RPS have undergone years and years of industry training and keep up with trends and repair procedures. We undergo training yearly and keep up with all of the latest technology to ensure that your repair is done correctly and safely.

If you have questions about door dings, dents, or damage to your vehicle, please reach out to us at the shop. Aluminum is one of our specialties. We would love to help clear anything up and understand how you want to proceed with your car’s repair. We are here to help. Our goal is to explain the process to you to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road with a car restored to its factory condition. Please give us a call or stop by the shop to get an estimate on the damage to your vehicle. We restore hail damage on aluminum vehicles as well!

Our goal is to explain the dent removal process to you to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road and cruising. Call Us Today! 1-443-580-0920 or email us.