Hail Damage Happens, and here are some common questions that most people have about the process. 

How do I start the process? Call your insurance and let them know you have hail damage. They will want to know the storm’s date and will walk you through their start of the process. They may want you to get a preliminary estimate at their shop, which does not mean you have to use their shop. You can choose any shop that you feel comfortable with; they just want you to get their process started. 

How is hail damage assessed on a car?
Three different ways are depending on your insurance company. First, your insurance company could send a representative to your to analyze and evaluate the hail damage caused to your car. They may send you to a shop that they work with to get your initial estimate, or last, they may let you go wherever you want to go to get your first estimate. 

How do you fix hail damage?
Minor cosmetic damage won’t give you hail damage totaled car and can be easily fixed through paintless dent removal. Severe damage, however, would require extensive repair in the form of exterior replacement panels and mechanical fixes. There are certain circumstances where the damage dollars could be more than your car’s value, which would cause your vehicle to be what is called a total loss. Read our blog about this happening and how to handle it. 

When my car is repaired, how much does hail damage affect the value of the vehicle?
If your car has not been totaled from hail damage and opt for dent-less repair for filing a claim, it won’t impact your car’s value even remotely. This is because it won’t show up on your car’s CARFAX report. However, even minor hail damage could bring down the resale value to a large extent if you choose not to get repairs. It may not be a hail damage total loss, but it would still impact the value of the car.

Could hail damage total my car?
This, as mentioned earlier, depends on the severity of the hailstorm you experienced. Hail damage can total out a car, which means that your car’s value is less than the amount to repair. It is an absolute possibility depending on the age and value of your vehicle. 

How will the insurance company determine a total hail loss?
A car will be declared totaled from hail damage when its cost of repairs along with its salvage value is higher than the actual cash value of your vehicle.

What happens if my car is totaled out from hail?
If your car has been totaled from hail damage and the cost of repairs is too high, your insurance provider will give you many different options.  They can purchase it from you at salvage value; you can also keep your car and pay them the difference between the salvage value and the retail value. You can then continue to drive your vehicle with a hail salvage title and may not be able to carry full coverage on your car. There are a few ways this can play out. 

Will my insurance rates go up due to a hail storm?
A claim would only be possible if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, and this kind of claim does not increase rates because it is an act of god, but insurance rates as a whole in your area can increase because of a storm. 

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