Bumper Dents happen. You back your car into the trash can. A shopping cart hits you. Bumper dents are different than a door ding. Your bumper is typically made of plastic and then painted the same color as your vehicle.  Plastic does not have the memory that metal does, so if your bumper is dented, the best-case scenario is that you get it repaired as soon as possible. 

There are many YouTube videos on how to fix dents. Dry ice, hot water, blow driers, while heat helps you fix dents and allow the paint not crack, these are mostly urban legends. To improve your bumper dent, we will usually take your bumper off and then slowly bring the bumper up to the proper temperature to repair the dent. Too much heat or too little heat and the paint will be affected, and the bumper will not go back. 

Your bumper may have paint damage from the accident. This paint damage will not go away with the repair. We want to make sure you understand that we can only fix the dent, not the paint. We are willing to refer you to a body shop for full paint and repair. If you want to use your insurance for a bumper dent, it really isn’t necessary as we can usually repair a dent in your bumper for under the typical deductible. If you do want to replace the bumper and get a perfect dent repair, we would send you to a body shop we work with and this can affect your carfax report. 

When we fix your bumper, we will walk through what we can do to manage your expectations. If the repair fails, we won’t charge you. Failure would be that the plastic bumper has been dented too long to move back to the original shape. Most of the time, the condition is not perfect because it is plastic. 

A repair by us is not reported to your CarFax and therefore does not devalue your car. We are not mandated reporters for damage for CarFax, which makes PDR a phenomenal option to protect your vehicle’s value. 

RPS is your one-stop-shop for repairing your car. We would love to give you a quote, walk you through the process, and answer any questions about the repair process. We not only do bumpers, but we can take care of the door ding left on your door in the parking lot. We can fix larger creases, and minor collision work can be repaired by us also. In a hurry? Don’t have time to bring it to us? Call us and schedule a mobile repair. We can come to you and work in your garage to get your car looking like there was no damage. 

Need a quick free estimate?. Simply use your camera phone and text us your photos at 1-443-580-0920 You can also swing by the shop. We are located near Glen Burnie. We would love to take a look at your car and help you decide what is best for your vehicle.