Repairing Your Hail Damage with Bondo in Annapolis

Hail damage is repaired in one of two ways, either with Paintless Dent Removal or with traditional body shop repairs. Let’s talk about both and the pros and cons of both when repairing your vehicle.  Hail damage is an act of God- “an instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation (often used in insurance claims).” [...]

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Help! My car is a Total Loss in Serverna Park!

If you found your car hit with hail damage in this last storm in the Baltimore / Serverna Park area and you are concerned about your vehicle's value and the cost of repair, we are here to help you understand the process.  A total loss vehicle is a common occurrence. A total loss means that [...]

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How do we price our dents and door dings in Annapolis?

How do we price our dents? What is the price of a door ding?  We love serving the Annapolis area.  How we figure out a price for the damage to your car is a process.  Accidents happen, and if someone opened a door into your car in a parking lot or you dropped a tool [...]

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