If you found your car hit with hail damage in this last storm in the Baltimore / Serverna Park area and you are concerned about your vehicle’s value and the cost of repair, we are here to help you understand the process. 

A total loss vehicle is a common occurrence. A total loss means that your car’s value is less than the amount of repair or what the insurance company can get for your car at a salvage value. Salvage value is what the insurance can auction your vehicle off for and the price they fetch at auction. In our area, Serverna Park, we usually see the car getting totaled at about 70% of the vehicle’s value. 

Here’s where to start. 

  1. Call your insurance company. Just let them know about the damage to your car. They will ask you for all the information on your vehicle and policy and the date of the hail storm.
  2.  You will need comprehensive and collision coverage on your car to be eligible to claim the damage on your car. Minimum coverage is just liability, and that only covers damages you do to someone else’s car.
  3. Let the insurance company do their work. Remember that you do NOT have to go where they recommend. Pick a shop based on reputation and your comfort level. They have contracts with their preferred shops to get a better deal on your repair. You don’t care about saving them money; you care about your car being repaired correctly and with precision.
  4. The insurance company may give you a preliminary estimate on your car. This is just the gatekeeper doing their job and starting the process. It’s a jumping-off point, and they miss a lot. Don’t be alarmed.
  5. Pick a shop. Like we said, pick a shop on quality, rapport, your gut, and research, not because your insurance told you to go there. RPS wants to get you back on the road with your car looking like it did before the hail, or we want to help you get through the process if your car is totaled fairly with the insurance company.
  6. When you bring your car into our shop, and we write an estimate, your car could be deemed a total loss then. This is go time.
  7. Do your research. The price of your vehicle is negotiable. Do not settle for the first price they give you. Look at dealerships around you and on craigslist to see what comparable cars are selling for.
  8. You also have a choice to repurchase your car from the insurance company. What this looks like is the insurance offering you a settlement for the car value is total minus the among they could sell it for at auction. (We will help you through the process and educate you, it can be overwhelming.)

This process is confusing and not something that you have to deal with daily, but if your car is a total loss, we are here to help you, walk you through the process, and give you as much information that you can so you can decide what is best for you. If you have any questions, please give us a call.