How do we price our dents? What is the price of a door ding? 

We love serving the Annapolis area. 

How we figure out a price for the damage to your car is a process. 

Accidents happen, and if someone opened a door into your car in a parking lot or you dropped a tool on your car in the garage, and now you are left with a crease, or dent, or a minor blemish on your vehicle, we can and would absolutely love to help. 

Sometimes when you go to a body shop to get an estimate, it looks like a price is just pulled out from thin air, but we would really like you to understand the dent repair process and how we price our dents to be fair and standardized at any Paintless Dent Repair shop. Prices for door dings very. 

Dents are repairable on most of your vehicle, and we don’t pick prices out of thin air.   The paintless dent repair industry uses software called Moblie Tech RX. 

To get the accurate cost of a dent repair, here is a quick outline: 

  1. Call us or swing by our location in Baltimore. Set up an appointment for an estimate. Estimates in person are always best. (We also serve the surrounding areas, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Severna Park, Millersville, Belair, and Dundalk.) 
  2. We will get a little info from you about you, your name, and email to send you over an estimate when we are finished. We won’t ever sell your information. 
  3. After you, we then get some info about your car:  year, make, model, and VIN. This helps us your vehicle and then look at your door ding, crease, or minor collision repair work. 
  4. We put your dent into our estimating software. It will look at a variety of factors to price the dent. Some of the factors are: How long is the dent? Is it a dent or a crease? Is the crease horizontal or vertical? Is the metal aluminum, steel, or high strength steel? What kind of work will be done to access the dent? Do we need to remove the door or tail light to gain access to the quarter panel? (Sometimes, to gain access to repair the dent, we have to take the car, truck, or SUV apart to be able to get to the back of the panel to push out the damage. Repairing the dent from the inside of the panel is always the best case.) 
  5. Once we have all the information, the computer program tells us our industry-standard pricing. We will email you an estimate and would love to schedule you for repair.


We will get your vehicle in for repair as soon as possible and convenient for you. All of our repair work is done by hand by a fine metal craftsman who has trained for years and years to be able to use metal tools and specialized glue to reshape the metal on your car. Here at RPS, our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied.  We want you to walk away knowing that you chose the best dent repair in the Baltimore area. If you have any more questions about the repair process, our pricing, or your car, give us a shout. We would love to make things painless and get you back on the road with a dentless, pristine vehicle. Annapolis can absolutely count on us.