There have been rumors for years that aluminum is resistant to hail damage. Unfortunately, this is not true. According to Ford’s top engineers, many articles on the internet state that  “Aluminum Ford F-150 not at risk from hail damage.” This is, unfortunately, a total farce. We have never seen a “hail-proof” vehicle. 

Ford Trucks, as of 2015, is being made of 100% aluminum, and aluminum IS repairable. We see many Cars, Trucks, and SUVs being made with more aluminum panels these days, and why are the manufacturers turning to aluminum instead of steel? It’s lighter, withstands crashes better, and provides better gas mileage besides the safety features, making a cleaner environment.  

“On the periodic table, aluminum is about half as dense as iron. But does being lighter in this literal sense translate to the lightweight of vehicles? The aluminum industry says yes, pointing to automakers like Tesla and Ford choosing aluminum bodies to translate the weight savings to the battery or payload capacity.” Engineering Magazine.

So we use aluminum to save on the weight of the entire vehicle! One of the drawbacks of Aluminum is that it is sometimes harder to repair with Paintless Dent Removal and requires special tools and space in auto collision work.  

In the case of hail damage on an aluminum truck or car, it takes a lot more to repair hail on aluminum. The metal is stronger and has no memory, where steel is a lot easier to move back to its original shape.  Typically aluminum pays 25% more than regular steel. The repair times are longer, and it takes a lot more energy to move the metal back into shape. 

The Ford all-aluminum body trucks are awesome in so many ways, and we have repaired a lot of them with dents, door dings, and hail damage. We know and understand what it takes to repair them, always using OEM procedures and following Ford’s guidelines for aluminum repair. 

When you purchase a Ford Truck, you are doing so to ensure that you have a phenomenal product for years to come, and we would love the chance to repair your truck and get it restored to pre-hail condition. 

 If you have questions about door dings, dents, or damage to your vehicle, please reach out to us at the shop. Hail Damage is one of our specialties. We would love to help clear anything up and understand how you want to proceed with your car’s repair. We are here to help. Our goal is to explain the process to you to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road with a car restored to its factory condition. Please give us a call or stop by the shop to estimate the damage to your vehicle. We repair hail damage on aluminum vehicles as well!

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