Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a cutting-edge technology that repairs dents and dings without the need for a paint job. At our Glen Burnie Dent Repair shop, we specialize in this revolutionary technology. Dents, dings, scrapes, and scratches all mar the beauty and resale options of your vehicle. Even worse is knowing that you’ll have to shell out for a total paint job to remedy these imperfections. Fortunately, there’s a revolutionary choice that eliminates the need for a total paint job. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

PDR has changed the game for auto repairs because of its simplicity. Since our qualified Glen Burnie dent repair technicians don’t have to match paint to your vehicle, the repair is virtually invisible, even in direct sunlight.

Our Glen Burnie Dent Repair team will begin by assessing to dents and dings to determine the best ways to remove them. This means a careful multipoint inspection of the damaged and surrounding areas. We determine if your vehicle is a good candidate for PDR by evaluating the type of dent repair needed. Then, our team uses special lighting to evaluate the curve and shape of the dent. Once a plan is set, we’re able to get to work.

During PDR, our team might remove portions of your vehicle like side panels, doors, or windows, to access the dent because PDR is all about access. Our technicians can complete the repair from the underside, meaning it’s seamless and flawless on the exterior.

The highly qualified team at our Glen Burnie Dent Repair shop is on hand to answer all your questions. It is imperative you always understand the process. PDR is a great option for most vehicles. Usually your entire repair is completed in under a week. Call or visit us today to find out more about this dynamic repair choice.