Bel Air PDR

Everyone hates dents, except of course for the auto body repair shop.
Any number of reasons can cause them from low-speed fender benders to violent hailstorms.
Since they are caused by different things, the extent of damage they cause varies wildly too.
PDR – paintless dent repair for short- is a method that is used to remove dents in a cost-effective and a time-effective way. As the name paintless dent repair suggests, the technique is ‘paintless’. As such, there is not any repainting in the PDR process.

Consequently, should there be any kind of damage to the paint –such as cracking, peeling or bubbling- PDR cannot be used in such situations.
If your vehicle has a number of dents, the cost of repairing your vehicle will vary, depending on the number of dents and the intensity of the damage on your vehicle.

The following are a few factors that will influence the cost of repairing dings on your vehicle.
If your vehicle has dents, which have chipped, peeled, or cracked the paint, PDR cannot be used to repair that vehicle.
As a result, traditional repair methods will have to be used. This usually ramps up the cost of repair as the cost-effective method- PDR- cannot be used.

Dent Size

Another important factor that affects the cost of dent repair is the size of the dents.
An increase in the size of the dents also increases the cost of repair. Dents are usually categorized according to their indentation sizes.
The radii of dimes, nickels, quarters, and half-dollar coins are used to categorize dents, each size corresponding to a price. This is used to give an estimate of the cost of the auto-body repair.

Dent Depth

Another factor that influences the price of Bel Air PDR is the depth of the dent.
Depending on the circumstances that led to the creation of the dent, dents can be very shallow or they can be very deep and misshapen. You cannot fix these kinds of dents. You would need to take your vehicle to the Bel Air PDR team for inspection.

Location Of The Dent

The location of the dent is another factor that influences the cost of dent repair. This is because some dents are easier to repair in some places than in some others.
For instance, dents that take closer to the edge of a panel more time to remove.
Small dents, like door dings, can cost anywhere between $75-$130. Larger dents can cost between $150 -$400.
Dents need not be a source of headaches. The Bel Air PDR team can fix your vehicles without breaking the bank. Book an appointment today.