Annapolis PDR

Hailstorms cause a lot of damage, including minor dents and dings in your vehicles. These reduce the value and beauty of your car. Worrying about where to take your car and if the damage is covered by your insurance should be the last thing on your mind. Are you looking for an Annapolis area PDR shop? We got you covered!

PDR Certified Professionals

In Annapolis, our PDR experts are trained and certified in the removal of dents, dings, and creases. We specialize in hail damage repair and can handle the appropriate size and make recommendations. Our technicians are on-site and ready to help! We repair the exterior of your car, boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or off road vehicle. We will advise you on the insurance process and assist with any deductible and required paperwork.


PDR was created in the 1960’s as a cost effective solution to minimize expense parts repair and replacements. However since then the process has been enhanced with state of the art tools and technology. In the Annapolis area, bring your care to our PDR experts. We have decades of experience with the tools of the trade.


Our team gets behind the ding and dent using a tool called the whale tale. The whale tale uses very effective small pushes in and out as delicately as possible to even out the metal. This takes skill and patience in order for the technique to be extremely precise. After many micro pushes, our pros tap out the perimeter to smooth the curvatures.

Some dents are in hard to reach areas. In this case, PDR specialists in the Annapolis area use a suction method. These are various plugs with special glue tip on the tool. After many repetitive maneuvers with exerted strength, the dent is leveled. Once this is completed a light sanding, buffing, and wax will bring the luster back to your car.

When you are in Annapolis and need PDR look no further than us!