Look no further than RPS Dent Specialists for your Severna Park paintless dent repair (PDR) needs. PDR is a dynamic approach to repairing dents without the need of a total paint job. Not only does this save you money and time, but also the process helps keep the integrity of your vehicle intact. PDR helps restore your vehicle to pre-damage condition without compromising the original paint, finish, or your wallet. In fact, PDR is generally a third of the cost of a complete paint job.

Is Your Dent Right For PDR?

At our Severna Park PDR shop, we have a three-step process that we use for every vehicle that comes in for repairs. Not all dents and dings are good candidates for PDR, so our team of qualified technicians uses a checklist to evaluate your vehicle before we make any recommendations.

Gaining Access To The Dent

After assessing the damage and determining that your vehicle is a good candidate for PDR, the team at our Severna Park shop will then find the best access point. Sometimes that means that our PDR specialists will need to drill holes to gain access to the dent; however, we take a lot of pride in our ability to reach most dents without “Manufacturing Access”. If drilling is required, rest assured that the holes will be sealed and plugged professionally. Once our Severna Park PDR technician has a good view of the dent, it’s time to repair it.

Restoring Your Flawless Finish!

This is where the precision and craftsmanship of a good repair come into play. At our Severna Park PDR shop, we gain access to the dent from the back of it. Using a special light board to determine the structure and shape of the dent, our PDR expert will then use special tools to massage the body of your vehicle back into place. The result is a seamless finish and a flawless exterior.
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