Ellicott city dent repair

Statistics show that nearly a third of new automobile owners will be involved in a collision within the first two months of ownership.
Another statistic from the crash management firm, Accident exchange says that nearly 10% of all accidents involve new vehicles.
While no one likes dents, they are one of those things that can make owning an automobile downright unbearable.
PDR is a fast and effective way of removing dents. Unlike the traditional methods of dent removal, PDR is also cost-effective.
Using precise tools, the auto repair technician pushes the dents out to restore the surface of the vehicle.

Conventional dent repair on the other hand, involves sanding down the affected area and then pounding the metal into place. Following this, filler is used to fill any gaps left. The ‘affected area’ is then carefully painted over.
Inasmuch as PDR has many benefits, it may not always be applicable depending on the size and location of the dents on the panel.
The following are a few benefits of PDR

Retained Value

Since the PDR process is largely paintless, the original paint coat of the vehicle is preserved. This preservation of the original coat is particularly important in luxury and vintage cars.
The value of a vintage car will plummet if the original paint coat has been tampered with. PDR is the most suitable method for removing dents on vintage cars.

More Time-Effective

Compared to the traditional methods of dent repair, PDR has fewer stages to complete and so it takes a lot less time to carry out.
While traditional dent repair methods may take a few weeks to repair, our Ellicott city dent repair team can carry out PDR in just one day.

More Cost Effective

Because PDR takes much less time, and does not require so many tools it reduces the costs involved in dent repair.
Ellicott city dent repair is cost-effective and time effective. Our Ellicot city dent repair experts are well trained and can easily dent repair.
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