Bel Air Hail Repair

A severe storm can be a catastrophe to anything left outside. The diameter size of hail can be very large and almost over one-half inch. Ice of this magnitude can trigger shattered windshield glass, dings, and dents all over the car.

In Bel Air hail repair, the professionals have the expertise to fix all types of body damage. However they do not only repair cars. You can take your boat, RV, SUV, sports car or any vehicle that needs a knowledgeable repair technician. They service all vehicles regardless of the make and model.

At the licensed auto, service center a special method to remove dents called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is used. In Bel Air hail repair, you can trust that your car is in well-trained hands for the restoration.

Types of Hail Repair Methods

Paintless Dent Repair

All dents from creases, door dings, minor collision, and hail are removed using PDR. This technique is successful in 95 percent of all instances. With great care, the specialists in Bel Air hail repair will restore your vehicle to its pre-damaged condition. Also, never worry about a paint color shade mismatch, as the original factory paint is not tarnished. PDR is not only a cost effective option, but it is faster and does not involve using destructive chemicals.

Traditional Method

The traditional method of ding and dent damage may involve expensive parts replacements. In addition, the technicians must resurface, by sanding, filling, and painting any deep dings. This method takes longer and is more labor intensive. Therefore, with parts, materials and time the cost may be higher. In Bel Air hail repair they will work with you and provide a detailed price estimate for your approval before beginning any refurbishing.

Lastly, all the relevant documentation, photographs, and itemized billed will be completed for your insurance claim. They work with many insurance carriers and know what is required to initiate the claims process quickly and efficiently.

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